Chrysler 300 to receive interior refresh?

Few would argue that Chrysler's 300 has quickly proven to be a transcendental product. With apologies to Henry David Thoreau, the Ralph Gilles penned LX-platform sedan has been one of a handful of recent vehicles whose appeal quickly transcended demographic pigeonholing (Toyota's Prius and the MINI Cooper are two others that come immediately to mind). Prospective owners are seemingly as likely to trade in something like a Ford Taurus as they are a Cadillac CTS.

This widespread appeal has served DaimlerChrysler well, but buyers accustomed to higher-end marques have been notably let down in one area: the 300's interior. While the design of the instrument panel and certain detailing is generally up to snuff, some interior plastics and switchgear has conspired to underwhelm, particularly in higher trim levels where the 300's attractive base MSRP climbs well into the $30's.

When addressing the Automotive Press Association in a recent meeting, Gilles indicates the company is aware of the problem, and is working on a "significant improvement." While Gilles apparently failed to include the Dodge Magnum and Charger models with which the 300 shares its platform, it would be reasonable to expect the majority of the proposed upgrades to be fitted platform-wide. The only question now is... when?

[Sources: Calgary Herald; DaimlerChrysler]

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