Prius Amberjac, a plug-in hybrid, can regularly get 100 mpg

After writing my post this morning about the attempts to get a regular gasoline engine to top 100 miles per gallon in the 1980s, current attempts to really increase a Prius’ mpg ratio caught my eye in Mixed Power. The news of the Prius Amberjac has been available for a while now, like in this Independent story from a month ago, but it’s interesting to note that both of these mileage-increasing projects are about individuals who take what the automakers produce and try to make it better.

The Prius Amberjac is a standard Prius modified with better batteries and plug-in capability (so the increase in mpg comes at a cost of more electricity taken from the power grid). These changes mean the Prius can go 30 miles before the gas engine kicks in and will regularly get 100 mpg. The conversion is expensive, costing thousands of dollars, but the machinery can be moved to another Prius later. Amberjac will soon apply this conversion technology to the Lexus RX 400h, and a lower cost Prius conversion will also be available.

[Source: Independent, Mixed Power]

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