How one team of mechanics shot for 100 mpg in the late 1980s

Even when gas cost less than a dollar a gallon, there were mechanics trying to get incredible gas mileage out of their automobiles. This first-person account, over at Fuel Economy Tips, of one team’s attempts is detailed, funny and gives a lot of insight into the possible future for high-mpg cars (ceramic engines that can withstand incredible amounts of heat, for example).
The article, “ How To Go 100 Miles On One Gallon Of Gas”, was written by Travis Wood and is eight years old now and the tests described in it were done in the late 1980s, but the issues he addresses are not out of date. Wood’s main success in improving gas mileage came from making software adjustments to the car’s engine control system, using a special injection technique and modifying the intake manifold. Their strategy got better mileage, but heated up the engines tremendously – and burned out a few of them.

[Source: Fuel Economy Tips]

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