Ezra Dyer on opulent Bugatti Veyron

If you’re unfamiliar with Ezra Dyer’s meteoric rise in the ranks of automotive journalism, all you need is a recent copy of Automobile in which his articles appear to know he deserves it. Listen to Jean Jennings, Automobile’s Editoress-in-Chief, faun over the young scribe. So far he’s written about arriving at his high school reunion in a Ford GT, taking an SL65 AMG to the drag strip or this time hopping behind the wheel of one Bugatti Veyron. Though we’ve suffered through more than enough blubbering reviews of the illustrious Veyron, not many have tackled the great one with such affluent hyperbole as E.D. Check out the article in its entirety here and rest assured we will keep an eye out for future online articles from Dyer in case you’re allergic to the pulp used in Automobile mag’s paper.
[Source: Automobile via GermanCarBlog]

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