Mercedes-Benz appears to be achieving a modicum of success with its R-Class uber-wagon, and you just know BMW isn’t going to let its arch rival get away with it. Hence the RFK, which stands for Room Function Concept. We bring you this news from the German site AutoBild, but Road & Track’s June 2006 issue reveals the RFK will slot in between the X5 and 5-Series sedan in size and borrow components from both. Production is slated for 2008 with a 255-hp 3.0L inline-six and 375-hp 4.8L V8 available at launch. The boys from Bavaria are hoping to move 60,000 units annually, and since MB has already revealed a 503-bhp AMG R-Class, there’s no reason not to expect an M RFK at some point.

[Source: AutoBild and Road & Track – June, 2006]

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