Holden's next-generation Commodore has been caught testing in Australia. The vehicle seen here is pivotal for General Motors' large car futures worldwide, not just Down Under. Said to be based on the upcoming Zeta platform, the underpinnings of this vehicle could see duty in everything from the next Chevrolet Impala, Buick Velite and Pontiac G8, and is expected to form the basis for the next GTO and Camaro (provided they are green-lighted).

The 'VE' Commodore seen here is said to be a line-built vehicle, with for-the-showroom units to come on line by the third quarter of this year. 'Big Daddy' versions of the Commodore will feature a new GM 6.0-liter L76 eight-cylinder engine, which may receive variable valve timing and Displacement on Demand. A six-speed automatic is expected. Lesser versions will see GM's global V6, with CarsGuide.news.com.au reporting that force-fed versions of the drivetrain could be employed in an upcoming Alfa Romeo or Saab.

[Source: CarsGuide.news.com.au]

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