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Should consumers brace for a return to the double-nickel?

Spurred by high fuel prices, New Jersey governor Jon Corzine has introduced a plan to decrease fuel prices that would bring back the 55 MPH speed limit. OK, so it's only a proposal, and it's only one state, but pundits suggest that something like this could spread like wildfire in today's current tinder-like political climate. (As evidence of how weird everything tends to get when prices at the pump jump up, note that Republicans are suggesting oil companies pay a windfall tax to support a $100 fuel rebate).

As The Auto Prophet points out, fuel prices haven't really resulted in people driving under the current speed limit, so such a move would seem to make little sense from a practical standpoint. Of course, cognitive reasoning rarely gets in the way of a successful career in politics, though.

Sammy Hagar could not be reached for comment.

[Source: The Daily Record]

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