All you ever wanted to know about the "new" Saturn

The newest post on General Motor’s FastLane Blog is by Jill Lajdziak, the General Manager of Saturn. In the post she attempts to answer some questions that have been lingering about the brand since the close of the New York Auto Show. Want to know why there’s no manual trans in the Aura or why the production vehicle doesn’t look much like the concept? How about why Saturn dropped polymer panels for sheetmetal? For her finale Lajdziak takes on the toughest question by answering critics who claim that Saturn is stepping on Chevrolet’s toes.

Though we sincerely appreciate GM’s attempt to address all the confusion caused by Saturn’s sudden makeover from a seller of small cars to an enemy of imports, the answers provided by Jill Lajdziak do little to satisfy. Her credibility takes a beating when she tries to claim the production version of the Aura has a more “refined” exterior than the concept. While the production version is attractive enough, it lacks the character of the concept with its aggressive wheel arches and crisp lines.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

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