Toyota's North American CEO sued for sexual harrassment

Hideaki Otaka, Toyota's North American president and CEO stands accused of sexual harrassment. His 42-year-old assistant, Sayaka Kobayashi filed a lawsuit late Monday in the New York Supreme Court against Otaka, 65, along with Toyota Motor and Toyota North America itself, etc.

Kobayashi is seeking $190 million in punitive and other damages, has is alleging that the married executive sexually assaulted her after she began working under him last summer, altering her schedule to create times where they were unaccompanied, groping her, and so on.

Kobayashi further maintains that upon reporting Otaka to Toyota officials last winter, she was transferred to another post within the company.

For its part, Toyota says it has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual abuse, but it won't comment on the case as a matter of policy.

Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Otaka will move to an internal auditor position at Daihatsu in Japan, but the executive maintains that the change is unrelated to the suit.


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