Commentary from California on solving the "costly gas-price puzzle"

I’m not sure that the facts in this commentary from California’s Whittier Daily News are completely accurate (the author says that demand for hybrid cars is low and that people don’t really care what their cars run on, as long as it’s dependable, and we have heard the opposite from both car manufacturers and purchasers in the last few days), but there are some good points in the piece. Namely, while biofuels are often seen as a way to become energy independent, what happens when drought or violent storms ruin the crop harvest? Also, if auto manufacturers can get some regular gasoline cars into the 40 mpg range, why shouldn’t the CAFE standards be raised? Recognizing, as the author does, that America has some serious competition when it comes to getting oil supplies, finding ways to use less is a great idea.
[Source: Whittier Daily News, Hat Tip to our man Joel A.]

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