Okay... our love for rattling heavy-duty pickups notwithstanding, the idea of a Duramax-powered GMC race truck still seems odd, even though a half-year has passed since we first mentioned this monster. But with Audi's oil-burning R10 taking the checkered flag last month at Sebring, maybe Gale Banks doesn't have a proverbial loose rod bolt or two.

To prove that progress has been made on this monster over the winter, Banks has posted an update with some video clips on the company's website. None of them will raise goosebumps like Climb Dance, but it's still pretty cool to see a big red pickup truck doing skidpad testing without looking like one of those Consumer Reports rollover tests. And we definitely feel sorry for the Miata driver at Buttonwillow that was overtaken by the D-Max - that had to be a somewhat scary (and humbling) experience.

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