Push for new fuel economy standards on fast track

The Detroit News reports the House Energy and Commerce Committee is looking in to new federal fuel economy standards this week for passenger cars. The bill would use the same language as the light truck regulations, allowing for annual fuel economy increases. The current Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard for passenger cars is at 27.5 mpg, while the industry is averaging 29 mpg. While the bill itself might be on the fast track, don’t expect changes in passenger car fuel economy anytime soon, the bill includes an 18 month lead time, meaning no changes are to happen until at least the 2009 model year. It seems automakers are offering some support to the proposed legislation. A stronger bill, which would require automobiles manufactured by 2015 to have a fuel economy of at least 33 mpg is being opposed by automakers. Michigan legislators are hesitant in their support, clearly fearing these rules might affect their local economies.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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