Wilson College students show off biodiesel at science fair

At the bottom of this article from the Waynesboro, PA’s Record Herald shows one way to get the next generation interested in biofuels. While the elementary schoolers are presenting their small projects on solar energy and windmills – and the always awesome volcano – students from Wilson College in Chambersburg were at the local science fair with a display on biodiesel. The college makes biodiesel out of waste oil from the dining halls to power the tractor, farm truck and irrigation pump on the college’s Fulton Center for Sustainable Living. They also make soap out of the leftover glycerin. I find this type of outreach is a great way to make kids aware of some of these environmental issues, and when it’s presented at a science fair where their minds are already in the mindset of “I can do this”, then there is a lot of hope for people to develop new technologies and change their habits for life.

[Source: The Record Herald]

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