Hybrid videos and buying tips

If reading about hybrids isn’t enough for you, then perhaps the collection of videos over at Edmunds.com (a car buying information guide) will suit you.
The site has the following videos online: First test-drives of the new Toyota Camry and the Lexus RX400h, tests of the Lexus GS450h and other models and the long-term test video of the 2000 Honda Insight. Most interesting looking is the comparison video between the 2006 Civic Hybrid and the 2006 Prius. I couldn’t get the videos to load on my system (Mac OS X with Firefox) but perhaps you’ll have better luck.

Edmunds will take your desired features (prize, size and type) and rank the cars by your choices. Of course, there are only nine hybrid vehicles in the database, so if you’re feeling energetic, it’s totally possible to rank the nine cars yourself. The site also has a buyer’s guide and a fuel economy guide, which I’ll review soon.

[Source: Edmunds.com]

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