Could supermodel Heidi Klum be a closet gearhead? Despite parting ways with Renault F1 bigwig Flavio Briatore, the camera-friendly celebrity appears to still have a thing for motorsports, having reportedly 'coptered in to chat with the Audi DTM crew at the EuroSpeedway over the weekend. Klum talked with the team, then walked around the starting grid and took in the race from the Audi Lounge over pit lane.

Perhaps the four-ringed boys were a mote distracted, as they were unable to seal the deal on the track. Tom Kristensen (Siemens Audi A4 DTM) finished second, the only marque representative in the top seven spots. Mercedes dominated the standings, securing six out of the top ten positions, including eventual winner Bernd Schneider.

(Flavio and Klum are pictured)

[Source: PaddockTalk]


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