Video: [Eastern] Bloc rockin' beat: Lotus tunes Lada

Though we're not sure how old this is, we figured that you would enjoy another installment of those crazy blokes at Top Gear, this time taking a hapless LADA Riva 1.5E and throwing the nutters at Lotus Engineering something approaching a blank check.

In two weeks time, they turn the 35 bhp four-wheeled apology into a 180 bhp Eastern-Bloc BMW 2002. No mention of the cost involved, but figuring in the quoted 1,000 man hours, plenty of bespoke handiwork (exhaust, seats, etc.) and a premium paint job, it stands to reason that this is the most expensive Riva going. Fortunately, it also appears to be the most fun.

[Source: Top Gear via YouTube]


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