"Hold the anchovies": Rising gas prices increasing costs for service industries

Every driver  is feeling the pinch at the pump these days, but the skyrocketing cost of gasoline is affecting more than just your commuting habits. Ordering out for pizza? You might want to reconsider the pepperoni. Having flowers delivered to your sweetie? Might want to switch the roses for carnations. Need a landscaper? Take a look in the mirror-- because the rise in oil prices is leading service-based businesses of all stripes to ratchet up their prices or lose revenue.

While many are resisting adding a dollar or two to the costs of their goods and services, if pump prices continue to trend upward as expected, fewer will be able to avoid passing the buck to consumers. For many, a slight surcharge to account for gas premiums won't curtail their spending habits, but for some, it may mean the difference between ordering-in or cooking at home. Regardless, it's another way in which the high cost of filling up is affecting local and national economies.

Have you noticed an increase in costs attributable to gasoline prices? Sound off in 'Comments.'

[Source: The Daily Breeze; SushiCam.com]

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