An All-Electric Delivery Van--The Modec

Delivery vans and other working vehicles are like a silent nightmare. They spew far more noxious fumes and greenhouse gasses into the air than even the most indulgent SUVs, and suck up gasoline or diesel as if the Earth had an unlimited supply. Not the Modec--this delivery van (which is currently available in Great Brittain) is 100% electric. It's got a battery that can plug in to recharge but can also reclaim braking energy, can go up to 100 miles without a charge, can be removed to put a fresh battery in, and supports a load of up to two tons. It's not perfect--ofter all, the electrcity has to come from somewhere, and it probably comes from a smoke-spewing power plant. But it's a heck of a lot better than the box truck with the blown head gasket, who I seem to always end up stuck behind. [Source:]

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