Hastert jumps ship from hydrogen car to SUV after photo-op

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) shows his concern for the environment extends for all of about two blocks. According to Raw Story, the Speaker was at a gas station press conference yesterday telling whoever would listen that he’s concerned about high gas prices. But then, after leaving the station in a bright blue hydrogen car, he rode a few blocks and stepping into a fat black SUV. This is probably standard for many politicians after press conferences, but the Raw Story says that the photo-op took place just blocks from the capitol, so why the rush to get into the SUV? Security fears? A disdain for blue? Wanting to end up in a Raw Story-driven media hype tornado? Whatever the reason, any time we hear Hastert talk about how much he loves alternative energy vehicles in the future, remember just how deep his commitment runs. [Source: Raw Story and Joel A, who may as well be writing for the site]

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