Maybe a mild shock would be more in order than a chirp.....

That was MadeinDetroit's comment on MyMobileAlert, a system that sounds a 'chirp' on a driver's cellular when he or she is approaching a streetlight or crosswalk. Well, such a shocking cellular may not be too far from reality.

Sibling site The Wireless Report has posted news that mobile giant Motorola filed a patent for technology that uses mild electric shocks in lieu of regular ringtones on cellulars. The "shocktones" can vary in intensity using stronger or milder shocks depending on whether the caller is a family member, debt collecter, Bob Lutz, etc. The mobile company developed the system because it felt that the regular vibrate mode was too noisy, especially when the phone's on hard surfaces such as tables.

The ramifications are easy to speculate. Electroshock therapy while operating a motor vehicle is generally considering a driving hazard. if MadeinDetroit's comment became true--combining MyMobileAlert with a 'shock warning'--would drivers slow down or freak out and mash the right pedal instead of the left one?

[Source: Digital Lifestyle via the Wireless Report]

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