Serial bank robber uses limo in unsuccessful attempt at classy getaway

Talk to most anyone who has planned a wedding or formal event where a chauffer service was required, and they'll tell you: the hourly rates can seem like highway robbery. But Roy Westry, 45, of San Francisco went the industry one better-- he robbed a bank Tuesday in his limousine.

Amazingly, Westry had just come off a five-year stint in the state pokey for bank robbery, having been granted a probationary discharge in January. Since his release, the suspect had been working for Dav El Limousine as a chauffer, when he elected to jump the counter at Affinity Bank and rob it.

San Francisco State University police caught up to Westry's Cadillac all of ten minutes after the holdup, and recovered  more than $1,500 from the vehicle and his female companion, 44-year-old Cynthia Johnson (who apparently waited in the stretch while Westry was making his illicit withdrawal). Westry and his companion are being held on suspicion of conspiracy and robbery.

For its part, Dav El Limousine claims to have had no knowledge of Westry's criminal history. The service had employed him prior to his five-year run in jail, then allowed him to return after he apparently convinced them he had been working elsewhere in his absence.

Perhaps the next time Westry gets out of jail, he'll either find a legal vocation or at least pick a less conspicuous getaway car.

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