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One-person electric cars offer yet another transportation option

I was in Atlanta yesterday, but I didn’t see this unique little electric car darting through the city streets. Local TV news stations, like 11 Alive, covering this type of story often go for the “oh, isn’t that cute” so I was glad to see a slight bit of depth in this feature on a man who commutes to work in Atlanta in an electric one-seater. The story doesn’t gloss over all the issues surrounding electric cars (check the mention of how it’s not for everyone and that it still uses fossil fuels) and puts it out there that the solution to our increasing resource consumption will be “a hundred different things”.
The vehicle is a Corbin Sparrow, and apparently there were about 350 made between 1999 and 2003, and new versions will be made soon by another company. [Source: 11 Alive via John A]

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