Civic GX that runs on natural gas available this fall

It seems you can now get a car made by a major automobile manufacturer that will run on just about fuel you can think of (perhaps with slight modifications). We’ve recently had posts on compressed air vehicles, plug-in cars and now here comes information on Honda’s new natural gas-powered Civic GX. This car, which will be assembled in Ohio and will be available in New York State this fall, according to Gizmag. This vehicle is exciting not just because it’s rated as near-zero emissions vehicle, but because if you’re willing to buy a “Phill” natural gas home refueling system, you never have to go to a gas station ever again. The Phill, which connects to a house’s home natural gas supply, will also supply fuel to the car at about half the cost of standard gas at the local sprawlborhood Texaco. Of course, the gas delivery truck is going to have to stop by much more often. Other than what’s in the engine, the Civic GX is similar to the 2006 Civic LX. [Source: Gizmag. Image: Gizmag. Tip: Joel A]

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