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All hail the hybrid taxis

Looking for a ride in one of America’s larger cities and want to do at least a little bit to help the environment? Try to hail one of the increasing number of hybrid taxies (seen here all glossied up for New York International Auto Show). According to Technoride, 31 Ford Escape SUV hybrids prowl the streets of San Francisco and Chicago and New York offer hybrid taxis as well. The costs and benefits of a hybrid get emphasized real quick when the car does taxi duty, as the lower fuel usage saves the driver money sooner but the expensive batteries will need replacing sooner, as well. Taxis are on the road far more often than most individual’s car, so seeing some of them go green is a relief. It’s also encouraging to read that some customers tip better when they’re in a hybrid taxi. People will pay to save this planet, one ride at a time. [Source: Joel A, I mean Technoride]

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