Worried about an accidental E85 fill-up?

There are a lot of considerations that go into greening your car. Some folks don’t mind the initial high cost of a hybrid or the work that goes into converting a diesel engine to run on SVO. Others see the rising cost of petroleum-based fuels and look to green technologies as a money saver. Then there are those who don’t know the difference between E10 and E85. If you’re the latter, then this Wisconsin State Journal mini-article will interest you.
Ethanol changes the chemical make-up of gasoline when the two are blended together, and that may not be good for your car. A single accidental fill-up with E85 in your standard gasoline engine shouldn’t hurt too much, according to the article, and you can top off with standard gas after a few miles to minimize the fuel’s possibly harmful corrosive effects. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal. And thanks again to AutoblogGreen’s prolific tipster, Joel A]

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