Top Gear wigs out in convertible test

Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson is feeling the pinch of reaching 'middle age' status. Arguably fearing for the fate of his own curly locks, the host of the UK's wacky and wonderful Top Gear set out to determine the aerodynamic properties (or lack thereof) of three types of wigs, as realized in a convertible environment. Dubbed the "Top Gear Toupee Test," the show straps a bald man ("Barry") into a top-down TVR Tamora next to the Stig. Unusually, perhaps, the show takes the high road, passing over convertibles like the Mazda MX-5 or Citroen Pluriel and Mini Cooper Convertible, convertibles that have been pigeonholed by many as "hairdresser's cars." Regardless, the helmeted mystery driver drops the straight-line hammer in order to see what velocity will see the hapless Barry drop his top. They then trade in the British sportscar for a more sedate Mercedes-Benz CLK fitted with a wind deflector to see how much better/worse the poor man makes out.

Deeply unscientific and all in good fun, it's worth a quick watch.

[Source: Top Gear via YouTube]


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