Ford to announce "Greener Miles" environmental program

According to Reuters, Ford Motor Co. is set to announce a new program that will enable customers to invest in clean energy projects to offset the carbon dioxide they produce by driving. The "Greener Miles" program is a partnership between Ford and California group TerraPass, an organization that has pioneered carbon offsets for individuals.
Preliminary information about Ford's Greener Miles program is available at the TerraPass website here. According to Reuters, Ford customers' contributions - ranging from $29.95 to $79.95 a year - will be invested in U.S. projects  that counterbalance the carbon dioxide they produce through driving, including wind energy farms. Ford already uses carbon offsets to balance the emissions created during the manufacturing of its hybrids.

Consumers who participate in the program receive a windshield sticker verifying that they have offset the carbon dioxide produced by their vehicle. The TerraPass program is available to owners of any vehicle, not just vehicles in the Blue Oval fold. To see how much carbon dioxide your vehicle pumps out in a year, check out their handy calculator widget here.

[Sources: Reuters UK, TerraPass]

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