FedEx to Add Hybrid Vans to its Fleet

Not only do they have arguably the world's most reliable shipping service, but FedEx is also making a move toward being the most environmentally friendly shipper around. They'll be adding hybrid vans to their fleet in 2006, reportedly increasing their fuel economy up to 50% and reducing emissions by up to 90%.
The walk-in vans, manufactured by Freightlier Custom Chassis, are built on an MT-45 SR chassis platform and have a gross vehicle weight rating of over 15,000 pounds. Freightliner Custom Chassis isn't stopping with FedEx; they're reportedly selling more than 100 of these greener shipping vehicles. They'll run on diesel when they're not running on recaptured electrical energy, and with cleaner diesel fuel in the works, FedEx will be making deliveries a whole lot greener. [Tip Credit: Joel A. Source: eTrucker]

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