EnzoGate marches on, adds police officer impersonation to intrigue

If the Stefan Eriksson story doesn't at least net a made-for-TV movie, it'll be a cryin' shame. The latest development in the already corkscrewed caper is that a business associate of the Enzo-ending fallen tech mogul was arrested Tuesday for impersonating a police officer in an attempt to buy firearms.

Word is that fellow Gizmondo executive Carl Freer attempted to pass off a San Gabriel Valley transit authority badge as that of a policeman in order to avoid a background check. In a related search of Freer's Bel-Air home and yacht, authorities found a dozen rifles and four handguns, of which at least one was illegal.

This weaponry wrinkle arrives on top of a recent raid at Erikkson's home that turned up an Orange County Sheriff's Department reserve deputy's handgun, a firearm whose registration history was confirmed on Wednesday.

All this intrigue and plot twisting out of an innocent little160 mph Enzo crash. Whodathunkit?

Early casting suggestions for Eriksson are hereby directed to the 'Comments.'

[Source: Los Angeles Times; Expressen.se]

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