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Appalachian Ethanol. Another primer on the history of biofuels

Last week, I wrote a post about the long history of biodiesel and that the current hub-bub over biofuels is just the latest in a long journey from fuel made from plants to fuel made from petroleum and back again. Today, I’m happy to point out another substantial article - this time in the Toledo Blade - that looks at the history of biofuels, this time from the ethanol side of things in the mountains of Appalachia.
The Appalachian Hills were full of moonshine stills making grain alcohol (also known as ethanol). The ethanol was for drinkin’, but the technology can be used today to make biofuel that will run a car. The article also looks at the recent past and one can take the situation in Brazil as a model for America to become energy independent. My favorite bit of information in the piece is about the various names used during the Great Depression for alcohol/gasoline blends: Agrol, Alcogas, Alcolene, Hi Ball, and Corn Alcohol Gasoline. Congrats to Homer Brickey and the Toledo Blade for this article.
[Source: Toledo Blade, Thanks to Joel A.]

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