Earlier this month, Autoblog informed you about General Motors electing to handle a widespread intake manifold gasket defect on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. But if Toronto-based law firm Stevensons LLP has any say in the matter, the automaker won't have the option to be choosy with some 400,000 Canadian vehicles.

The firm announced Tuesday that it is filing a class-action lawsuit against General Motors of Canada Ltd., as well as parent company General Motors Corp. The suit is predicated on the premature failure of intake manifold gaskets used in a wide range of the company's vehicles from 1995-2003. Given the 400,000 vehicle estimate by Stevensons and an average claim of $3,000 per vehicle, the class-action tab could balloon to $1.2 billion dollars.

A similar lawsuit in the U.S. was granted class-action status in January.

Click on the link to see further details, including a list of affected vehicles.

[Sources: The Canadian Press via Canada.com; Canadianally.com]

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