Vanity Fair gets called out by ABC News

It’s a media drama. ABC News is calling out this month’s issue of Vanity Fair, which focuses on green efforts by celebrities and others. Vanity Fair is, of course, one of those glossy magazines that glamorizes all sorts of wasteful consumer products and accepts plenty of advertising from companies that sell those products each month.

I agree with ABC that Vanity Fair promoting green issues is a bit of a hypocritical action, but there is value in remembering that old story about glass houses. There are very, very few people (at least in modern societies) who actually promote green issues while truly living the green lifestyle. We here at ABG promote smarter and cleaner driving, but we still use computers, which are full of all sorts of harmful chemicals. And if you saw Grizzly Man, you know that Timothy Treadwell dedicated his life to preserving a little part of Alaska, yet he used airplanes to get there and drove (!) to elementary schools to spread his message. Think what you will of his methods in the field, if we spend all our time criticizing the times he wasn’t completely green we miss the times when he gave good advice. And, of course, when he was off his rocker.

[Source: ABC News. Hat tip: Joel A]

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