Politics of green automobiles in the UK

The automobiles that politicians in the United Kingdom are driving (or not driving, in the case of the fellow who is going to some campaign stops on the Underground) are making headlines as election season heats up and opponents try to out-green the way they get around.
The Guardian Unlimited details the green technology cars owned by those running for office and the promise they’re making to bring the UK’s emission and bicycling rates more in line with progressive Europe. One of the sticking points is whether the government should offer incentives to those who buy green cars or force companies to produce less waste (and less wasteful cars) in the first place.
My favorite snarky criticism of a political opponent? When Alistair Darling, the transport secretary accused Conservative Party leader David Cameron of preferring "legroom over the environment” for driving a hybrid Lexus instead of a Toyota Prius the way the Prince of Whales does. [Source: Guardian Unlimited. Thanks to: Joel A.]

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