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Pimp my golf cart?

If your idea of the golf car (the dealer-correct term) is the white, fragile-looking, cart, you're in for a surprise the next time you hit the fairways.

Customization is part of the game for many golfers, including some in Spokane, Washington. According to the Spokane Journal of Business, golfers are paying top dollar to spruce up their vehicles. Popular custom items include 10 inch tires to replace the standard eight; brushed aluminum or chrome wheels; canvas enclosures for protection from the elements or stray golf balls; and air-conditioning and heater units.

A new option, GPS, are joining the option list. With it, golfers can determine where the next green is located or sand trap.

What next? HID headlamps? Massage chairs? Self-parking golf cars? Xzibit would be pleased.

[Source: Spokane Journal of Business]

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