Ford has already announced its plans to offer 8-cylinder diesel engines on some of its models, and consumers' interest is definitely piqued. With gas prices rising and no relief in sight, fuel-friendly options are rapidly gaining in popularity even among the devil-may-care drivers of high-powered, gas-guzzling heavy-duty trucks, vanity SUVs, and Audobon-ready racecars. Not to be outdone, Automotive News reports that Lexus has unveiled a V-8 hybrid version of its luxury sedan, the LS. Lexus plans to have it out in dealerships when they release their 2007 lines. Those who can afford the sticker price, and I'm sure it'll be high, will get 21 miles to the gallon and 430 horsepower. It's nowhere near as environmentally friendly as the Insight, but I guess it'll give the CEOs a way to impress the neighbors while still feeling like Karma is on their side. Somehow, though, I don't think they'll be getting any tax breaks. [Source: Automotive News]

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