Did a GM PR rep offer money to the media in exchange for kind words?

Thursday, former secretary of labor and current NPR Marketplace contributor Robert Reich claimed in an American Prospect Online article that he had been approached by a General Motors' public relations representative with a monetary offering, in exchange for the financial pundit's endorsement of GM's employee buyout plan. Richard Strauss, head of Strauss Radio Strategies (the PR firm in question), denies Reich's claim, referring to it as "an honest misunderstanding". Read into those last three words what you will; some would say that translates into "my lawyer thinks there's nothing here that will hold up in court".

As it relates to the buyout offer itself, Reich doesn't seem quite sure what to think of it, other than that it's probably a good deal for the workers who accept it if indeed GM goes bankrupt (the ol' a-bird-in-the-hand-beats-two-in-the-bush thing, basically).

[Sources: American Prospect, Detroit News]

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