Neon supernova-- advertising stunt to see Dodge dropped off of cliff

Remember 'Smash that Viper!'? Well, sibling-site Adjab posted about some 'good ole boys' who are performing a similar stunt with their 1997 Dodge Neon Sport (pictured). Dodge kinship aside, the stakes hardly seem as high, eh?

The GOBs are auctioning ad space on the Neon over on eBay, with the winner getting their logos, website, etc., posted all over the Caliber predecessor. On April 29th, the Neon will meet a gristly death in the form of a 150' cliff. The results will be recorded and broadcast on the auctioneers' website, while covered by television stations and newspaper reporters. When the sellers were asked why they were engaging in such a stunt, they replied, "...for the fun of it."

[Source: Adjab, eBay]

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