Mazda MX-5 droptop tin-top to debut at British Motor Show

If the rumors of a folding hardtop MX-5 are true, it looks as if Mazda will flip its lid at the British Motor Show in London this July.

Word is that the retractable tin-top will add about $2,700-$3,600 over the conventional version. It is not known what sort of weight penalty the power hardtop will exact on the limber MX-5, or if it will be bundled with other additional equipment.

The British Motor Show has been struggling for some time on the world stage, with many manufacturers pulling their presence over the past few years. But with this show slated to see world debuts of the aforementioned MX-5, the new Vauxhall Corsa, and the Land Rover Freelander successor, its profile could rise dramatically.

[Sources: WhatCar?; Mazda] 

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