Toyota to sell ethanol vehicles by 2008

Thanks in part to the strong Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) market in Brazil, Toyota will begin selling FFVs in the United States by 2008, the Financial Times is reporting. While many of the 6 million FFVs on the American market can use up to E85, Toyota is worried about ethanol’s corrosive power on rubber and is suggesting E10 or E15 blends for its new car, the model of which has not been named. In the FT article, a Toyota spokesperson is quoted as saying the company is studying "all alternative fuels."
American manufacturers are leading the way with FFVs in the States, but having Toyota’s hybrid mind working on FFV should produce another solid alternative to pure gasoline engines. Reuters is reporting that Toyota will first produce FFVs for the Brazilian market and will “gauge the need” for FFVs in other markets.
Unsure what some of these acronyms mean? Check out this post.

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