Man or Astroman? bass player does biodiesel

Man or Astroman? was a popular indie band in the mid- and late 1990s. Moving on from their tales of intergalactic alien takeovers, one of the band members, Robert del Bueno has become a staunch promoter of DIY biodiesel, and has a great 5-minute movie on del Bueno and his biodiesel-making process. The clip is short and sweet, and really shows how an average guy (even rock stars from other planets, which you'd understand if you followed MOAM? or even their clone bands back in the day) can be swayed by the power of the biofuel. Del Bueno heard about biodiesel from a musician friend, and hasn't looked back since. The shots of del Bueno's home biodiesel processing system are useful for anyone interested in building their own processor. Plus, where else can you see someone taking McDonald's French fry grease and putting it in his or her Mercedes? Good tunes, too.

Check out the movie's page here and the direct link to the 30MB QuickTime file is here.

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