Comix for bicyclists and the drivers who heart them

As I've said before, AutoblogGreen is about more than environmentally conscious cars. Bikes can play a big role in making our trips cleaner, so expect a fair amount of bicycle activism coverage on this blog. For starters, let's recommend three cartoonists first profiled in Utne last July. Unfortunately, you'll need to pay to read the whole article online, but if you have access to Utne back issues at your local library or want to pay the $2.95 to read it online, then here's what you'll be getting. Utne profiled three midwestern cartoonists who have worked together to exhibit their art, which often promotes bicycling over driving cars. The three artists are Ken Avidor, Andy Singer and Roger Lootine.  Avidor wrote Bicyclopolis, a book that looks at life after peak oil. Singer's "No Exit" comics appear in altweeklies around the country and once captioned a comic "The road to hell is paved." Lootine's work is a bit feistier, and his "Comix for Bitter Monkeys" showcases his frustration with drivers who have no respect for bicyclists. I%u2019ve been an avid biker on city and country roads for many years, and I feel him on this one. Drivers seem to forget that bicycles often have the same rights, same responsibilities  as cars and trucks. Even in a hybrid, we've still got to share the road.[Source: Utne]

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