Motocycle company Vespa is currently developing hybrid scooters based on its LX 50 and the Piaggio X8 125. Both prototypes' drivetrains will deliver a 25% power increase while delivering a 20% better fuel efficiency. Unlike today's production hybrids like the Toyota Prius or Ford Escape/ Mercury Mariner, the scooters' batteries can be recharged via a regular household plug.

London-based Intelligent Energy developed the Emissions Neutral Vehicle, or ENV (pictured), which Autoblog reported in March last year. Jerry Garrett of the Copley News Service reports riding the prototype. He found the noise, or lack of, from the ENV's motor most disconcerting. Otherwise, he found the bike responsive and easy to maneuver, and had no difficulty slaloming test cones.

[Sources: Treehugger; Copley News Service via Boston Globe]

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