The politics of biofuels: prairie progressives

Weaning our automobiles from the fossil fuels that have powered them for over a century is not going to be a short process. In America, this conversion is also quite political and American Progress has a great article on the way politics and alternative fuels intersect, and the way progressive candidates are winning over voters with strong stands on renewable resources, including biodiesel and ethanol. Montana governor Brian Schweitzer, South Dakota congresswoman Stephanie Herseth, Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius are three of the politicos profiled, and the article shows how both Republicans and Democrats are affected positively and negatively by visions of endless, clean energy. In the end, author Bracken Hendricks of the Center for American Progress, equates clean energy with a moral stance. Whatever your political stance, this one’s worth a read, especially the details of Schweitzer’s question to the U.S. undersecretary of agriculture.
[Source: American Progress]

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