How to drive and park your vehicle the Feng Shui way

Raymond Catchpole, a feng shui expert, reports on several ways to improve energy flow around one's vehicle to combat road rage. Some of his suggestions include:
  • Don't park your car facing your residence, as cars are "predators" which can create feelings of unease among the building’s inhabitants.
  • Remove clutter within the vehicle for better chi flow.
  • Tie a blue ribbon to the rearview mirror, splash salt water in the interior (though probably not on any cloth seats) and keep a bottle of water in the car. These practices are said to encourage a clearer state of mind.
Catchpole's report was commissioned by the Aon Private Clients insurance group. As far as Autoblog can tell, this is not a leftover April Fools' prank. So what feng shui suggestions do you have and/or practice with your vehicle?

[Source: Auto Express]

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