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VZ Navigator: Do not pass Go, *do* pass destination, go directly to jail

Martha McKay of the Wichita Eagle recently tested the VZ Navigator, a GPS navigation system offered by Verizon for its Motorola V325 cell phone. The service became available in January.
In a similar manner to TechnoRide’s testing of OnStar’s Turn-By-Turn service, McKay entered her destination address into the cellphone, which downloaded directions to the unit. McKay then followed “Michelle’s” voice prompts and found herself driving a half-mile past her destination to the Bergen County Jail. A Verizon representative later explained that the VZ Navigator’s mapping directions are provided by Navteq Corp., and such inaccurate information was probably an aberration.

Uh-huh. McKay at least can take some comfort that VZ Navigator didn’t guide her over a cliff. Share your sat-nav experiences (good and bad) with your fellow reader in 'comments.'

[Source: The Record via The Wichita Eagle]

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