Kia's hoping we care about the new Carens

That’s because the Carens will be coming to the U.S. as the “Rondo” in its newly redesigned duds. Our foreign language sister site Autoblog Spanish has the scoop on the new seven-passenger CUV. The Carens appears to be a Toyota Matrix/ Pontiac Vibe-type vehicle and compared to its last iteration, the new version is a looker. Of course, this is a hot segment in the U.S. in which many attractive players compete, including the aforementioned Pontiact/ Toyota twins, the Mazda5, Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chevrolet HHR. The ability to pack an extra pair of people in its interior compared to some of its competitors will be to the Caren’s advantage, as will what we assume to be a traditional Korean high-content/low-price strategy.

[Source: Autoblog Spanish]

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