Is Mazda the solution to Ford's troubles?

David Kiley of Business Week reports that troubled Ford Motor Co. may literally have its salvation within a phone call (or e-mail) in the form of Mazda Motor Co. Ford has 37% controlling interest in the Japanese automaker.

Kiley argues that Mazda has all the right ingredients for success: interesting, innovative designs; products that appeal to the desirable youth-market; and a consistent branding in its (in)famous ' zoom-zoom-zoom' tagline. Virtually all of Mazda's recent products - the 3, the 5, and the famous MX-5, are hits not only in the important North American market, but around the world, as well. (Pictured is the new seven-passenger CX-9) Mark Fields even said that Mazda is "a model for what we have to do at Ford."

What's your thoughts about Kiley's argument? Fire back in Comments.

[Source: Business Week]

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