"Like always," Saturn unveils new advertising campaign

"Like always, like never before."

Sibling site Adjab reports that Saturn will be taking a different tactic in marketing its new vehicles: the Aura, Outlook, and Sky. According to the linked article Brandweek, the marketing campaign will be promoting all the vehicles as a unit with the "Like...." tagline instead of, just the Sky roadster, for example. The advertising company that developed the campaign feels it better reflects Saturn's 'togetherness' philosophy.

Will it work? Certainly the division's products are becoming more compelling, but Saturn has clearly moved away from its brandspace as the egalitarian small car company 'with a heart of gold' into a world of 8-passenger crossovers and such. Critics argue that the brand's identity is becoming very muddy in its quest to enter other segments and find profitability, and that the "Like..." campaign is a tad disingenous. Who's right? Have your say in comments.

[Sources: Adjab, Brandweek]

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