New York Auto Show: Suzuki Stratosphere concept

We stumbled across Suzuki's two-wheeled Stratosphere concept while rooting around in the automaker's floor display at the NYIAS, and immediately the streetfighter fans among the Autoblog staff were amused (and perhaps a bit aroused). The bike is built around an 1100cc six-cylinder with a "space-saving design" said to be as compact as a typical I4 of the same displacement. Certainly, it's a far cry from the Kawasaki KZ1300 and Honda CBX1100 straight-sixes, which both gave the impression that owners were riding behind a barn door. Suzuki says the Strat's engine offers "a truly unique experience [that's] only discovered by actually riding it," so we await our chance to take it for a spin.

While the powerplant is certainly sweet, there are also some nice bits in the riding compartment. The centerpiece is a trick-looking multi-function display tucked behind an electrically-adjustable windscreen. We're all about being able to direct the airflow, but we also feel that the display might have been a bit closer to perfect if paired with a standard "mechanical" tach. The electronic wheel-lock and keyless engine start seem like good ideas, but we're not sure that the in-helmet speakers with "hi-fi sound" have any place on a proper sporting machine.

Four LED headlamps are parked up front, with hammered-look aluminum forming the fender, fairing, and fuel tank. If you're interested in a closer look, check out our other shots of the Stratosphere after the jump (click on any of them to bring up a larger high-res shot).

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