Mitsubishi has already sold over 20,000 units of its new Outlander since the unibody ute went on sale in Japan about five and a half months ago. Today the embattled carmaker will be unveiling the North American version in Javits, but we’ve got some early info for you.

The 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander is going to combine compelling hardware wrapped in a very attractive package. It will be powered by an all-aluminum, 220-hp MIVEC V6 that’s joined at the hip with a six-speed Sportronic transmission. Magnesium paddle shifters on the wheel are also an option for those who crave the illusion of F1 racing.

The Outlander will be available with either AWD or FWD, the latter developed specifically for us folk in the New World. The all-wheel drive system mis called All-Wheel Control and has the ability to operate in front-wheel drive mode for better fuel economy or “4WD Auto” to leave the delegation of power up to the Outlander.

Look for live shots of the Outlander and more deets as the day progresses.

[Source: Mitsubishi]

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